Decades ago, when our parents were working and raising a family, they looked at retirement as the true golden years. It would be a time when they stopped working and lived off the fruits of their savings and investments. Retirement planners used a three-legged-stool strategy back then. The make up of this stool was Social Security, employer-sponsored retirement plans, and personal savings.

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How to Start the Retirement Conversation With Your Parents. I get it-what you and your parents may have to face in the future may seem overwhelming. But don’t give up hope. It is possible to make it through this tough time with your parents’ dignity and your own retirement plans intact.

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But when retirement beckons, here's how to help Mom and Dad.. Aren't parents supposed to help their kids, not the other way around?

Here is a series of curated posts that new parents in particular may enjoy and benefit from reading.. If you have to choose between your retirement or your children’s college savings, choose your retirement. Best Of, They just assume a different type of risk. College Planning New Parents. 529 Plans: What’s Important?.

 · Washington D.C. Exploring ways to help your child learn to harbour empathy, thus ensuring a sincere apology, is more constructive than immediately coercing a reluctant "I’m sorry," a recent study suggests. Parents, Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Force Your Child to Apologise.

Do your teenage or college age children work part time? If so, one of the best things you can do as parents is to encourage them to start saving money. saving money from a job, rather than spending ..

Why you’ll probably have a worse retirement than your parents did. A lot can happen between here and there.. People often ask how well prepared for retirement are current workers compared.

Here are 6 basic tips to follow, so both you and your parents can retire comfortably:. insurance to cover medical expenses, long term care and other retirement.

8 Reasons Your Parents Had an Easier Retirement Than You Will. A great many of us haven’t planned and saved well. Besides that, fundamental changes in American life make it harder for today’s generations to achieve a comfortable life after work. Here are eight reasons why the last decades of life are harder now – and eight things you can do to bolster your own retirement.

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