Why is Everyone Moving to Denver?. Colorado was the first state in the nation where recreational marijuana could be sold legally. Last year, more than $1 billion in legal marijuana was sold in Denver, according to Fortune Magazine. "There are now more "pot shops" in Denver than.

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Thinking about moving to Denver, Colorado?. Everyone knowns about rocky mountain national Park, but you don't have to leave city limits to.

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Why is Everyone Moving to Denver? Of course if you read the author’s profile, he’s from San Francisco, so presumably in the "Wow, Denver is a great bargain!" camp. And he thinks pot and breweries are a big factor too.

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Calm down: We certainly don’t actually hate colorado (except for a few square miles somewhere in Boulder); we’ve lived in the.

13 tech transplants explain why everyone’s moving to Colorado. by Anthony Sodd. January 12, 2016. A couple of weeks ago we set out to try to understand why Colorado is such an incredibly popular place for tech companies. We caught up with a couple of companies that had moved to the state or.

Colorado Springs, CO, is a melting pot of the West. Everyone who visits – 5 million people a year – seems to want to move here. With lavish.

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15 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Move To Nevada. Nevada gets a lot of grief, mostly by people who don’t live in the state and don’t understand much about it. Nevadans are known for being an independent-thinking lot who like what our state has to offer.

20 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to colorado springs. colorado springs, CO, is a melting pot of the West. Everyone who visits – 5 million people a year – seems to want to move here.

Wondering what moving to Colorado would be like? You probably know that the state has a high quality of life. Here are 15 other things to know.

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