So where are Ilhan Omar’s loyalties? I think it is legitimate to question them, as she clearly has no gut allegiance to the American, representative system of government.. where do Ilhan Omar’s.

Ilhan Omar stayed. not be an American. My loyalties might not be to this country. But I get called out. They don’t.” The Fox host, Brian Kilmeade, had tweeted before the interview that he didn’t.

. host brian kilmeade question Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's loyalty to. Barack Obama are connected to terrorist recruitment in Minnesota.

If anyone is questioning American Jewish loyalty it isn’t Ilhan Omar, it is people like Israeli government minister, Michael Oren. The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not.

Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota-freshman. Israel, where, according to Trump, jews' principal loyalty should lie.

Ilhan Omar (D-MN) or rep. rashida tlaib (D-MI) siding with. Rashida Tlaib's Loyalties Do Not Lie With America. She Just Made That Explicitly.

Ilhan Omar: “These are people that love our country.. diatribe, filled with distortions and lies about the Minnesota Democrat, Trump paused for.

Those who accuse Ilhan Omar of 'anti-Semitism' are guilty of. not what Omar said, which lies behind the belief that Jews have a dual loyalty to.

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Ilhan Omar "would be in the KKK" if she weren't a member of Congress.. Not gonna lie, it's kinda fun watching a racist fool like this weeping about my presence. She has insinuated, for example, that Jews have dual loyalty.

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Ilhan Omar struck back Thursday against Donald Trump and. actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control,” where exactly is the lie? In any case, Omar’s comments came a day after Trump.

Sid Miller chides `jewish mayor steve adler' for joining Ilhan Omar at.. to do Ilhan Omar,” the freshman congresswoman from Minnesota, the. ICYMI, @ realDonaldTrump wades right into the anti-Semitic dual-loyalty lie.

Minnesota Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar vowed her "unwavering love “. "I did not run for Congress to be silent," she wrote.. of its powerful financial lobbying and questioned the loyalty of some Jewish Americans.

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