But there are circumstances when forgoing that professional assistance could cost you far more than paying for it. Here are three signs you should consider seeking help from a financial advisor..

2. Explain why you are passionate about the role. When listening to your answer, the interviewer also wants to feel assured that you would not only be good at the job, but that you would actually enjoy doing it. So, when answering this question, show your passion and enthusiasm for the role by highlighting what specifically excited you about.

It’s Your Passion, Not Your Skills, That Get You The Job You are here: Home Blog It’s Your Passion, Not Your Skills, That Get You The Job I’ve been noticing a trend with many of my clients when discussing interview tips, tricks and secrets ; they all want to figure out how to tackle questions related to their skills.

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While loving what you do is never a bad thing, there are plenty of other reasons to have a job, too. 11 Reasons to Have a Job (Other than Passion) – The Muse: Everyone says you should be passionate about yo.

You’ve never been the type of person to commit to a single issue area, and have dabbled in a range of activities, organizations, and maybe even job functions. This isn’t a fault at all, but if you feel like you’re missing out by not having a lifelong mission, you can do a little work to narrow down the field.

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Being Passionate About Your Work Doesn’t Always Mean Being Happy With Your Work. If you are passionate about your job, you will struggle to contain or control the time you spend working.

That this post is BS and harmful to people in serious need because it reinforces the idea that if you only try hard enough, wait long enough, etc that a dream job will come to you when in reality there are people working in coal mines for instance and no matter how much coal they shovel everyday they will never have another job because there aren’t any and our economy stinks.

Will they just give up and move on to something else? Probably. The best employees solve problems fast and on their own. Passionate. continually looking to improve themselves. This will translate.

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