Creating pollinator habitat can be a fun and rewarding activity for everyone! From schoolyards to businesses and community gardens, planting native gardens is a great way to provide essential habitat through beautiful landscaping. managing urban green space for monarch butterflies will benefit many species and your wallet.

Monarch butterflies are facing extinction, but Greenpeace has put together this list of 8 ways everyone can save them from disappearing forever.

In many cultures around the world, butterflies symbolize transformation, changes, and rebirth. They are an animal that is beloved by all. Butterflies have a special significance to one woman in particular, so much so that she has devoted her time to keep them safe from predators, and has even performed an amateur surgery to save the life of one struggling monarch.

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If you are (or would like to be) a part of community that has come together to help save monarchs and their amazing migration for future generations, here are 5 ways to support these amazing butterflies while making this your best monarch season.ever!

Finding Our Connection to Community and Nature is The Only Way to Save Orangutans.. 8 Ways You Can Help Save monarch butterflies 4.6k Views 2 years ago.. Marina says: July 4, 2015 at 8:21 pm.

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The same misinformation we embraced last century continues to mislead new generations through shows like Wild Kratts: Voyage of the Butterflies.In this episode, a spider cuts a monarch from its web, refusing to eat the milkweed-laced butterfly.essentially spinning science into science fiction!.

We feel that Save Our Monarchs is an efficient, simple and effective way to help a part of our ecosystem. It is a grass roots endeavor, and easy for all of us to make a difference. By providing free Milkweed seeds to anyone who is willing to plant them, we can really help restore the Monarch butterfly’s habitat.

Monarch butterflies themselves are not endangered but the migration and dramatic clustering at overwintering sites are! Please refer to the website to find out about our local phenom of western monarchs overwintering in coastal sites like Marin, mating in late winter and then the females heading inland to find the milkweed they must.

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