There’s arguably no industry in the U.S. that’s growing at a faster, more consistent pace than legal marijuana. dollars to the space. However, that doesn’t mean the federal government has budged.

Colorado lawmakers also approved a phase-in for home delivery of cannabis products and permitted sales, with local approval, of "hospitality spaces" for those who want to indulge with others.

Legal Marijuana Home Delivery and Marijuana ‘Hospitality Spaces’ Coming to Colorado Brian Contents Legal operators. sessions President donald trump Colorado bill. newly launched Home delivery bill It looks like people in Colorado,

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In 2015, the legal marijuana industry in Colorado created more than 18,000 new full-time. The other 10 percent will come from home growers and a small fraction of unregulated and grey market.

 · Starting next year, colorado marijuana customers could begin getting their purchases delivered at home, like pizza. And people seeking to use marijuana socially could consume what they buy in tasting rooms or bring-your-own-pot establishments. Both will depend on whether your local government has opted in. It’s now up to mayors, city council members and county [.]

People all over the world saw ecstatic stoners buying marijuana in Denver while enduring terrible puns about the Mile-High State. Legal weed had come to Colorado. and Bellingham. But delivery-only.

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In Colorado Marijuana Delivery Services are not legal. We did see some shifting in their laws allowing courier services and got excited, but the state was referring to distribution services from producers to retail shops. One day we hope that Colorado will legalize true in home/hotel delivery services, but until then it is not definitely not legal.

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Colorado would allow home delivery of medical cannabis next year and recreational marijuana in 2021 under a bill approved by a state House committee on Tuesday. Home delivery could permit marijuana businesses to boost sales by making it easier for consumers to buy product. It could also create new business opportunities for MJ transporters. The

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A bill introduced this week in the Colorado Senate would open the door for home-delivered recreational and medical marijuana in the state. senate bill 192 would allow for medical marijuana.

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