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Catalonia’s regional police. as they rush to seek to find him in Barcelona.” The Lalor Park mother and son had only been in Spain a few days and are believed to have been separated when they were.

“I've never felt Spanish in my life,” said graphic designer anna faure as.. independence movement has proved adept at harnessing discontent toward Madrid.. Sunday in Barcelona, waving Catalan, Spanish and EU flags and chanting. it said were migrants from the boat trying to swim to shore before being caught by.

Civil rights groups oppose nominee for Assistant AG post at Justice Department – Metro Weekly A quartet of immigration activists and a gaggle of animal rights protesters disrupted a republican presidential candidate forum organized by an evangelical Christian group on Friday. Her father is.

The drive for Catalan independence captured the world's attention in October, when a banned. A bid by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to quash the efforts of separatists by. Organisers said 90% of voters backed a split.. Barcelona has become one of the EU's best-loved city-break destinations,

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Police in Spain have shot. dead and over 100 wounded in Barcelona. Bystanders ran for their lives as a gunfire broke out close to the coastal town’s beachfront promenade early on Friday morning.

Political crisis continues as 12 catalan separatist politicians and activists. Tourists walk past a souvenir shop in downtown Barcelona, Spain on Friday. it said were migrants from the boat trying to swim to shore before being caught by .

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Tourists passed pro-independence flags in Barcelona, Spain, days before.. Tourists Get Caught in Catalonia Unrest: Is Barcelona Spanish?

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the Barcelona violence. The initial attack broke the peace of a warm summer afternoon in a packed, tourist. national and a Spanish citizen from the.

Catalonia, autonomous community and historic region in northeastern Spain.. The provinces of Tarragona, Barcelona, and Girona have a Mediterranean shoreline, Services, particularly those of tourism and transportation, are highly developed.. Though it retained its autonomy and Generalitat (assembly), by the 17th.

Police dragged Catalan separatists off roads and arrested 13 during protests. Emergency services said 32 people suffered light injuries, most of them local police.. along the Passeig de Gracia shopping street, normally a draw for tourists, a protest against Spain's cabinet meeting, in Barcelona, Spain,

Six people were arrested in Barcelona on Saturday after. police officers as they protest against a demonstration in support of the spanish. dark clouds of dust in streets that would usually be thronged with tourists.. I watched my parents cry with joy at being able to vote but now we are stuck,” he said.

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