If you accidentally cut an extension cord, your first instinct may be to just throw it out. But, it is possible to salvage the remains for a functional cord. You might think to splice the ends of the cut cord together, but this is not permissible under the National Electric Code, due to the damaged abrasion resistance.

The White House and congressional Democrats continue to press for a federal-tax-cut extension that would benefit nearly all wage and salary earners, but especially the middle class. paying for the extension remains a sticking soccer online store point on Capitol Hill, where Republicans object to a proposed surcharge on millionaires.

Toshiba Chairman Out, Shares Dive, and 6.3 Billion Reasons to Worry – Online Trends news – NewsLocker But it’s the end of Toshiba as a company with any hopes to grow." Many investors apparently agree. The company, which had already lost $7 billion in market value over the past six weeks, saw its shares fall an additional 10 percent after the announcement of the writedown and Shiga’s departure.

cut for workers and jobless ben-efits for the unemployed. Some Republicans oppose extending the payroll tax cut, calling it art unproven job creator that will only add to the nation’s massive debt. The tax cut extension is set to expire Jan. 1. Republicans also cite huge fed-eral budget deficits in expressing opposition to vast new spending on jobs programs.

A Homesharing Program to Give Colorado Educators Affordable Housing Housing Program – This includes several different components, including Homeless prevention, Grants for emergency rent and security deposit payments, emergency women’s shelter, and general housing assistance, and Caring Communities which is an 18 month extensive case management and counseling program. The agency can also refer you to other rent assistance programs.

im buying a house when i did an inspection on the furnace heater it was wired with extension cord that was cut. The bigger gauge wire was plugged into a wall outlet and the smaller gauge was plugged into a power strip, i wanna know if this is normal and if it is safe?

Extension Cord Repair Having to replace a heavy-duty extension cord, perhaps for the purpose of data installation, can be a costly endeavor because the price of heavy- duty extension cords has soared in recent years due to rising copper prices, so rebuilding old, damaged ones with new plugs or receptacle ends is a really good idea.

Extension cords are getting more expensive due to the rise in copper prices. Keep your extension cords in good condition by replacing damaged plugs and sockets. Cut off the old plug from the end of the cord. Use a knife to cut the jacket coating on the outside of the wires. Be careful not to.

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Next, you need to select the proper sized extension cord. Using the American Wire Gauge (AWG) system you will discover that the lower the wire gauge number, the more capacity the extension cord has (and the thicker the cord is). A house is commonly wired with a combination of 12 gauge and 14 gauge wires in the walls for receptacles.

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