Commercial Property 101. In commercial property leasing most rent is charged per square feet, rentable square feet (RSF) to be exact. This measurement is usable square feet (USF) plus a tenant’s share of the common areas (usf multiplied by the property’s load factor).

Prominent signs on the side of 1380 chatham parkway announce, “Future home. two 9,500-square-foot classroom buildings, a 10,800-square-foot arts center, a 5,000-square-foot field building, a 29,000.

1. Know that the appraised value of underground space is half what lies above-about $250 a square foot versus $500 in many cases, says Neil Salvage of Lending Tree Home Pros, which provides lede generation for borrowers and contractors.

One way to achieve optimum wellness, experts and developers say, is by choosing a home that is designed for it. walls and vitamin C-infused showers can add an extra $10 to $15 per square foot to.

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How much space do you really need? That’s the question you may ask yourself when you look at these small, but stunning canadian condos, each of which offers less than 350 square feet of living space.

First off, there’s the matter of ceiling height. While you’re not measuring the three-dimensional area of a room (length x width x height) to get your overall square footage, in order for a room to be included in the total square footage of a house, the ceiling must be a certain height — so that crawl space doesn’t count.

Planning To Add Square Footage to Your Home to Increase its Value? Are you planning to add square footage in order to increase the value of your home? The key to success when adding value by adding square footage is in choosing the remodeling project or new addition that will provide the best return on your investment.

Anytime you can add square footage and living space to your home, it’s a winner. Build a sunroom in the back of the house where you have less tree cover and more privacy. The result? A stunning addition that transforms the entire house. During the day, the room attracts sunlight, and in the evenings, it attracts guests. Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

When you are conducting a price-per-square-foot comparison, you must adhere to the 10 percent rule to be accurate. Although upgrades generally make the home more salable, many add little or.

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