Emboldened by major state-level gains in 2018, Democrats in Illinois and other states are pressing to raise taxes on the rich to address long-neglected needs, such as schools and roads.

In American politics, the Southern strategy was a Republican Party electoral strategy to increase political support among white voters in the South by appealing to racism against African Americans. As the civil rights movement and dismantling of Jim Crow laws in the 1950s and 1960s visibly deepened existing racial tensions in much of the Southern United States, Republican politicians such as presidential candidate Richard Nixon and Senator Barry Goldwater developed strategies that successfully c

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Democrats have asserted for years that the rich aren’t paying enough in taxes. Never mind that, according to the most recent data, the "1 percent" pay more than 25 percent of all federal tax revenue, more than the bottom 60 percent of income earners combined.

The country’s wealthiest state is realizing there are limits to "taxing the rich". which is right out of the Left-wing Democratic playbook.. still others don’t mind "taxing the rich" again – raising the income tax rate from 6.99 percent to 7.49 percent, according to the.

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TAXING THE RICH. Democrats have criticized republican tax overhaul efforts as benefiting mainly the wealthiest Americans and corporations. Tax experts said Trump could raise taxes on high-income people by lowering the cap on mortgages eligible for interest deductions to $500,000 from $1 million.

I live in a suburban/rural area – lots of red areas are. Guns are history, hunting, sport, recreation, and tradition.. It is also non-libertarian- it risks more government enroachment into private lives and chipping away at the right to privacy.. aided by Dean’s "no new gun bans" message as part of the 50-State Strategy.

State democratic parties generally held primaries and caucuses in 2012 unless no competitors qualified for the ballot. This led to such amusemens as attorney and perennial candidate John Wolfe.

Chicago teachers may test unions’ social justice’ strategy. A threatened strike by Chicago teachers would test a strategy employed by a growing number of urban teachers unions convinced that transforming contentious contract talks into discussions about class sizes and student services wins public support and can be a difference maker at the bargaining table.

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