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Chris Watts Is ‘Looking into Ways to Appeal’ His Conviction for Killing Pregnant Wife and Daughters April 30, 2019 Chris Watts , Crime News , News , Wa Chris Watts, who is in prison for killing his entire family, is weighing his legal options to decide whether to appeal his conviction.

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Chris Watts’ horrific killings of wife, daughters still haunt investigators, new doc reveals. Chris Watts in his new mug shot booking photo after being convicted of murder.. Chris Watts.

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Chris Watts is spending life in prison in Wisconsin without possibility of parole for murdering his pregnant wife Shanann & 2 daughters Bella & Celeste.. Chris Wants to Appeal His Conviction.

Chris Watts, who was sentenced to life plus 84 years for murdering his pregnant wife and daughters, is weighing his appeal options, a source says.

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Chris Watts Wants to Appeal Conviction for Killing Wife and daughters chris watts, the man who is serving five life sentences for killing his wife and two daughters is. May 1, 2019 BY Venus.

Cross, A.J. Cold, Cold Heart (SH, 17.95) Nov. Forensic psychologist Kate Hanson is called in when the conviction of a man for murder is overturned on appeal and she is tasked with re-interviewing witnesses and re-examining the evidence to see who else could have done it. Daly, Paula. Open Your Eyes (Per, 16.00) Sept. The wife of a crime.

Christopher Watts pleaded guilty to three charges of murder in the deaths of his wife, Shanann Watts, and their young daughters. without parole for killing wife and 2 daughters.. Chris Watts.

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