First Time Home Buyer’s Guide To Buying A House. This post is a 4,000+ word beast and that’s because it needed to be. So grab your popcorn, a cold beverage, and absorb the following content as best you can.

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Buying a new home can be a daunting and sometimes stressful process, unless of course you’ve got the right real estate professional guiding you through each step! If you’ve never purchased a home of your own, the first step is knowing what to expect. Although every real estate transaction is a little different, here is a basic rundown of what to expect when purchasing a home.

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Anyone buying their first home may question the purpose of title insurance for home buyers and lenders. Before signing the documents or moving forward with buying a home, it is important to acquire an understanding about title insurance.

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The Guide to Buying a Home Here’s what you need to know to get from start to finish in the homebuying process. By Devon Thorsby , Editor, Real Estate | June 26, 2018, at 3:12 p.m.

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