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In some situations, sellers who receive multiple offers at once negotiate with each prospective buyer individually in an attempt to get the best possible deal. If the seller wants to reach a binding agreement more quickly, he or she may simply ask each interested buyer for their best possible offer, then choose the most favorable one.

This means you’re competing with other prospective buyers for a quality home, maybe even your forever home. Typically, if a family is selling the house (as opposed to investors), a personal letter could be the difference between winning and losing your dream home.. Our buyer offer letter.

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It’s not unusual for some REO foreclosures in Sacramento, for instance where I sell, to receive 15 or 20 offers. Sometimes the bank will throw out all but a handful of these offers and then ask the selected buyers to resubmit what is called "Highest and Best" offer.

For example, if there are three bids on a property listed for $500,000, you can write a full-price offer with an escalation up to $525,000 that increases in $5,000 increments. If the second-highest offer is $510,000, you would only have to pay $515,000.

03 Write a Friendly Offer. If it is customary in your area for the buyer to pay for her own title insurance policy, don”t ask the seller to bear that cost. If most buyers demand possession at 5:00 PM on the day of closing, show that you are different and be generous by giving the seller two or three days to move out.

A reader asked if he should make a purchase offer below the asking price for a house. For example, they might say you should offer 5% below the asking price for starters. These "rules" are not only misguided, they are downright risky for the buyer.. You need to consider how the home is priced in relation to its potential.

Use These 5 Tips in Your Buying Strategy to Close on Your Dream Home. You are about to make a major financial investment and a life-changing decision by purchasing a home. Once you’ve found that perfect home, approach the offer-making stage of the process with a sound strategy, and find yourself closing the deal with confidence.

5 Tips For Prospective Buyers To Submit A Winning Offer Mar 23, 2018 | Real Estate In a hot real estate market, agents often tell buyers they must expect to make multiple offers before one is accepted.

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